Wired Intercom Systems

Canadian law requires two way communication systems at the pumps for service stations offering self serve gasoline. Many service stations today also offer a convenience store and often partner with a Quick Service Restaurant chain which in turn may offer drive-thru service.

Wired Intercoms are becoming more commonplace in the financial industry as we move through the 21st Century.  Banks looking to offer the face-to-face service while the client enjoys the convenience of staying in their vehicle, are using a wired intercom system.

3M™ and Sound Products have been selling, installing and servicing wired intercom systems to the petroleum and financial industry for more than 20 years. Today’s systems from 3M™ offer unparalleled flexibility. 

With 3M™ Performance Series, operators can expand from 4 channels to 16 channels with simple and inexpensive additions of I/O cards. No more complete system upgrades required every time your business grows. A 20 to 24 channel system is also available for large applications. 

3M™ intercoms offer the best reputation in the industry so you can ensure customer satisfaction and safety wherever they are used.

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Intercom Systems from Sound Products