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surveillance for uncertainty

In a time of uncertainty, it doesn’t hurt to have a surveillance and security cameras. With Covid-19 scaling back your workforce or closing your restaurant you have a lot to worry about.  We have seen a lot of surveillance setups that aren’t great.

The problems we see

Many of our customers contact Sound Products because they have no surveillance system or an improperly setup surveillance systems. This could mean gaps in surveillance coverage, cameras with poor video coverage or systems with cameras that don’t even work.

The added Corona virus problem

The outbreak of the Corona virus has left social gatherings completely minimized to about 5-10 people. This has caused restaurants, churches, retail stores, coffee shops closing their doors to the public. The biggest problem with the outbreak is the unclear timeline. Canadians aren’t sure if this lock-down will be a week, a month, or 6 months. Add on the stress of having no security cameras or non-working security cameras in place and you could have a stressful time.

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The Sound Products Solution

Our solution is pretty much what you would expect from an audio-visual company with over 30 years of service in the southern Ontario and Toronto areas. We will send one of our AV experts to your location to have a look around. Using their experience and listening to you and your business needs will allow us to put a solution in place that will help you access and use your security system to it’s fullest.

Here at Sound Products we are used to planning out camera placement and installing the poper security system that will protect you and your business.

If you are interested in discussing a surveillance system instead of just being sold a package, then Sound Products might be the best fist for your businesses surveillance and security needs.

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