We offer many solutions for retail clients – audio/background music, video and surveillance. We can accomodate your needs whether you have a small retail space, or a large concept with multiple sites.

Quick Service Restaurants

Sound Products is excited to offer the new  digital G5 wireless drive-thru communications system to our drive-thru customers but we know that your business is more than that. What about timers, sound systems, video screens and video surveillance? We can do all that….andmore.

Petrol Stations

3M™ intercoms, used to “talk” to customers at the pump, are a mainstay of most of Canada’s gas stations. Sound Products also offers video screens, background music and video surveillance. Please ask about these products and services.

Funeral Homes

The dignity of this profession requires a certain ambience and we look forward to providing your music and sound system needs.

Convenience Stores

Your customers want a good experience at your convenience store. Let us help you create one that means repeat business.

Hotels/Conference Centers

Whether your facility needs high-end audio, video, or surveillance—we have the solutions. Anything from background music in your lobby or restaurant to a full blown complex audio system can be accommodated.

Retirement Homes

Sound Products has been instrumental in assisting retirement homes with “home theater” systems so residents can enjoy “movie night”. We can put the right system together at the right price as well as looking after your surveillance, paging and sound system requirements.

Full Service Restaurants

Today’s establishments need reliable audio and video screen systems. Let us help you put in the right products that work all the time. Music is important to your restaurant. Let us help you create the right atmosphere.

Recreation Centers

Sound systems, paging systems and music are part of the family atmosphere at your recreation center. We will work with you to make sure it’s right. Safety and comfort should be part of the experience and Sound Products will design surveillance and paging systems to meet that end.

Golf Courses

Can your customers order food at the turn? With 3M™ intercoms they can. When there is a function booked, know that your sound system is reliable by using our expertise. At the end of a long game, your customers can relax in your lounge and watch high-end plasma or LCD screens from Sound Products.