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Drive thru problems are the worst!

If you have a restaurant, chances are that you are getting a lot of your business from your drive thru. COVID-19 has currently changed the way us as Canadians think about ordering food and beverages. Being in the drive thru business for over 30 years. In that time, we have come to notice that a lot of customers drive thru systems are outdated or not properly maintained.

When a new customer contacts us for support they are usually in dire straights. Perhaps their drive thru system is down completely, or the customers can’t hear the staff or staff can’t hear the customers. In these situations, a restaurant owner will call out in a panic and know that sales are stopped. This can cause everyone in this situation a lot of stress.

Here at Sound Products we understand how vital a drive thru can be in today’s new restaurant landscape. We can upgrade your drive thru, fix your headsets and come out to get your business back up and running. All the while giving you an excellent customer service experience from a local team that cares about your restaurant’s success.

Our ask today is for you to contact us before your restaurant has problems. Contact us to come out and review your drive thru to make sure you can service your customers how we hope to service ours. Friendly and honestly.

We are in Burlington and offer phone and on-site support for your issues. We have an after-hours line for help and friendly salespeople to help you make the best selections for your business.

Tim Hortons

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